On the Heels Of Concerns Over Haitian Heritage Month, Memorial Filed For Caribbeans

Oct 9, 2015

Credit University of South Florida's Caribbean Cultural Exchange twitter page

Two Democratic Florida lawmaker want Congress to recognize June as a month to celebrate the culture and heritage of people across America who are from or associated with the Caribbean. It comes on the heels of bipartisan opposition about a similar Memorial celebrating Haitians.

Recently, a House Memorial to recognize May as “Haitian Heritage Month” passed its first committee. After encountering bipartisan concerns, it changed to “Haitian American Heritage Month.”  Rep. Sharon Pritchett (D-Miami Gardens) says it’s meant to include Haitians across America and be in line with other nationally and locally recognized months with “American” in the title.

“Remember? Caribbean American [Heritage Month],” asked Pritchett, during a recent Local and Federal Affairs committee hearing. “And, we have a celebration all in South Florida and now, throughout the country relative to that. So, just for the sake of consistency and uniformity, add American.”

Now, Sen. Geraldine Thompson (D-Orlando) and Rep. Daphne Campbell (D-Miami), have filed memorials urging Congress to recognize June as “Caribbean American Heritage Month,” and this time, the Memorial does include the word “American.”

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