As Heavy Rains Remain In Panhandle, Be Careful Of Reptiles Appearing In Flooded Areas

Sep 5, 2018

Florida Pine Snake
Credit Chad Weber / Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Facebook

As heavy rain continues throughout parts of the Florida Panhandle, state wildlife officials are asking area residents to be careful of some reptiles that may appear due to flooding.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commission officials say native wildlife—like alligators and snakes—may be seen in frequently flooded areas.

So, it’s important residents remember to keep their distance and give these reptiles and other wildlife their space.

Residents may come across Florida pine snakes, which are native to parts of the Panhandle.

They’re large and tend to inflate and hiss very loudly when disturbed. While pine snakes are nonvenomous, officials say their bite is very painful. So, the best thing to do is leave them alone.

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