Healing Tallahassee's African-American Community

Oct 23, 2017

At a time when racial tensions seem to be on the rise, Tallahassee was the scene of a weekend event to promote healing and unity among the city's African-American residents.

African dancing was part of the cultural celebration that was an integral part of the Community Healing Days activities.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The 3-day happening included discussions and a cultural celebration. An African dance class was just part of the 6th Annual Tallahassee Community Healing Days, much of it taking place at the Providence Neighborhood Community Center. Florida A&M University Psychology Professor Dr. Huberta Jackson-Lowman was the event co-chair.

"The purpose of Community Healing Days is to create a space for healing for the African-American community, for us to move away from what Maya Angelou described as 'the pain of the blues' to the 'sky blues' of the possibilities," she explained.

Organizers said the event aimed to defuse the myth of black inferiority, and to promote empowerment, self-development and investment in the African-American community.