Group pushes back on Republican "attack" on women and children

Feb 7, 2012

A group of Florida lawmakers say a number of bills moving through the legislature are “attacking” women and children.  Regan McCarthy reports members of the Democratic Women’s Club are urging citizens to push back.

A number of abortion related bills are moving through the legislature this session and Representative Scott Randolph says those bills “attack” women’s rights to choose, but he says abortion isn’t the only issue he and other lawmakers are concerned about. Randolph says House Bill 7091 by John Wood, a Republican from Winter Haven, targets children.

That would remove the requirement that insurance companies cover such things as bone marrow transplants for leukemia, remove autism, remove coverage for cleft pallet.”

Wood says his bill doesn’t target children. He says it lessens government regulation and lets a consumer controlled market place dictate health insurance coverage. Randolph is one lawmaker who spoke at the Democratic Women’s Club press conference.