Group Makes 'Awesome' New Railroad Square Makerspace After Unplanned Move

Oct 7, 2014

Credit Jessica Palombo / WFSU News

The Tallahassee shared workspace called Making Awesome has moved into a new home in the Railroad Square Art Park. The member-supported organization had to leave its former warehouse this month after rent got too steep.

Making Awesome had operated for about two years in a building Tallahassee Community College owns near the western edge of campus. Co-founder Brad Harris says at first the impending move was unwelcome. But now, “this could all turn out to be one of the best things to happen to us," he says.

The group’s members pay dues that go toward operations. Members also donate and share most of the tools and materials that become hobby projects or startup businesses. Now one member is allowing Making Awesome to occupy space in his Railroad Square warehouse at a sharp discount.

Harris says the move positions the group in the heart of a community that could help it grow faster than ever.

"It is full of people that have small businesses," he says. "They tend to be artistic—it is Railroad Square Art Park. They see the value in having tools and skills available to create something.”

Making Awesome is now located in the Stereo Sales building toward the back of the art park at 1009 Commercial Blvd. Harris says it should be ready to give public tours within two months.