GrassLands Toasts New License

Jul 2, 2015

When the first batches of GrassLands beer are made, the brewery says it will start to fill newly-legalized growlers.
Credit GrassLands Brewing Co. / WFSU News

GrassLands Brewery Co., is officially approved to brew and sell its own beer. Getting that approval has been a long process.

As of June 26, GrassLands received its Florida ABT Cereal Malt Beverage License, or license to brew from the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. The brewery received its Brewer’s Notice from the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau back in May. The entrepreneur behind the beer is Gabe Grass, who said that the long process of getting approved involves more red tape than one might think.

“It was a combination of both federal and state bureaucratic obstacles that we had to go through,” Grass said.

Grass says the first beer he’s planning to brew is Groundation, an amber rye. It’s expected to be ready for consumption in time for college football season.