Graham Wants Panic Buttons For Schools

Jul 22, 2016

Congresswoman Gwen Graham wants school districts across the country to have better technology for alerting first-responders.

Congresswoman Gwen Graham is pushing legislation promoting panic buttons for public schools. The North Florida Democrat says she was inspired, in part, by the panic button installed under her desk in Washington.

Graham rolled out her “Securing Our Schools Act,” at a round table at Tallahassee City Hall. She says she was inspired by the panic button installed under her desk in her Washington office.

“We’re not trying to micro-manage the school districts. We’re trying to provide resources so that they can develop the appropriate type of response, button response, for their own schools. “

The bi-partisan legislation calls for no new appropriations, but authorizes grants to school districts of up to $200,000 dollars.

Leon schools security chief John Hunkiar welcomed the legislation, but said a panic button in each of the county’s 2,000 classrooms might not be practical.