Graham Says Proposed Split Of Leon County Is 'Gerrymandering'

Aug 25, 2015

Congresswoman Gwen Graham speaks at the Healthy Start Coalition in Leon County.
Credit LHatter / WFSU News

North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham is on the verge of being written out of her district. State congressional boundaries are still in flux after Florida lawmakers failed to agree on where the lines should be. But Graham is not pleased with the proposed makeup of her Second Congressional district, which could be split apart.

“District 2 is an example of how all districts across the country should be. Non-gerrymandered and decided in the general election," Graham said. "And we’ve turned it into two—at least if the base map is accepted—two gerrymandered districts.”

Proposed configurations for a new district two and five cut through Leon County, with part of Tallahassee placed in Congresswoman Corrine Brown's District 5, and the other part left in Congresswoman Gwen Graham's District 2. The plan was put forth by a coalition of groups, including the Florida League of Women Voters, who sued the legislature over the original maps, and won.

The maps are now back before the courts after the legislature failed to reach an agreement on where the lines should be. The House and Senate plans, while different, don't change the so-called base map--based o on the League's interpretation of where the lines should fall. That would mean Graham could have to run against fellow Congresswoman Corrine Brown, or in a more conservative District two.