Governor, legisalture headed to clash over tuition increases

Feb 1, 2012

The Governor and House are on diverging paths when it comes to the issue of higher education tuition increases. Lynn Hatter reports the House is poised to approve a rate hike for Florida’s college and university students, and the governor is vowing to veto it.

The House budget proposal calls for an 8-percent increase in tuition, something that students like Florida State University’s Michael Sampson say they don’t want.

 “I don’t believe raising tuition is a good idea in any economic circumstance.”

The students have the support of Governor Rick Scott, who says he’ll veto any tuition increase.

 “Tuition increases, that comes out of your pocket. And that means there isn’t enough money for your house, your food, for transportation.”

 The Senate has not yet come out with a budget proposal.