Gov. Scott Signs Florida G.I. Bill Giving Tuition Break To Veterans

Mar 31, 2014

Surrounded by military personnel and elected officials, Governor Rick Scott signed the Florida G.I. Bill into law Monday.
Credit Governor's office

A bill aiming to make Florida the most veterans-friendly state in the nation got signed into law Monday. Surrounded by several military personnel and elected officials, the Governor signed the measure at a National Guard Armory in Panama City.

There are about 1.5 million veterans in Florida, and Governor Rick Scott says in signing the so-called “G.I. bill,” his hope is it makes Florida a better place to live for even more veterans.

“I remember when I got out of the Navy back in the early 1970s. It was not a great time to get out of the service in this country. Our veterans were not respected and it was a tough time. We’re going to make sure not only is this the most-military friendly state for active-duty members, but also for all the members,” said Scott, following the signing.

And, head of the Florida National Guard, Major General Emmett Titshaw, says he applauds the Governor and the Legislature’s efforts.

“It’s always a great day when you can thank and honor veterans, but in my 44-year career with the National Guard, I have never seen such support from our elected leadership on legislative initiatives that will help  service members, guardsmen, and veterans across our state, and we’re very, very grateful.”

Among several provisions the measure offers a tuition break to out-of-state honorably discharged veterans. It’s estimated to cost about $12 million.

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