Gov. Scott To Recruit Kentucky Biz Owners To Florida

Sep 10, 2015

Credit The Florida Channel

Governor Rick Scott is targeting jobs from two states--Kentucky and Connecticut.  He hopes to lure those state’s private employers to Florida.

During his time in office, Scott has pushed for more jobs—often poaching them from other states. Now he’s set his sights on Kentucky. Florida’s job recruitment agency Enterprise Florida, is airing radio ads.

Scott is building his pitch for Kentucky companies to relocate to Florida. He says Florida’s businesses climate is more attractive:

“Kentucky is a good opportunity for us. It’s a state you don’t have a choice of whether you belong to a union or not," he said. "They’re income taxes are higher than ours—they have a personal income tax. It’s just a place that’s good to do business, so I think there will be a lot of opportunity there.”

The governor is also targeting Connecticut and looking to recruit the tech-giant GE. But the governor is slightly hamstrung Enterprise Florida could run out of money in the next few weeks.