Goodwood Museum Opens Gardens To Celebrate The Season

Apr 26, 2013

The free event at Goodwood Museum and Gardens will be take place for a few hours on Sunday, April 28
Credit Goodwood Museum and Gardens

This Sunday, there'll be ice cream sundaes, butterflies, music, lemonade and cookies. This isn’t about trip to Disney world, but to Goodwood Museum and Gardens in Tallahassee.

Goodwood Museum is ringing in Spring this Sunday. And just as Spring is often associated with life and birth, the museum’s Executive Director Beth Lewis says originally, the now annual event started as a way to thank a volunteer who swooped in to save the museum during a rough time.

“And it was a way of honoring him and it turned into such a wonderful event, it’s something that Goodwood’s continued for the past several years,” says Lewis.

Along with free ice cream sundaes, lemonade, and cookies, they’ll be a historic scavenger hunt and live music in the museum’s gardens. The event will take place from three to five in the afternoon.