Gay rights groups protest local Chick-fil-A restaurants over donations

Jul 13, 2012

Pro-gay rights supporters are having some issues with Chick-fil-A. The company donates money to donate to anti-gay organizations. And that stance is drawing fire from gay rights advocates. Protesters focused on the restaurants’ Cow Appreciation Day, where dressing like bovine nets you a free meal. Pro-gay rights protesters like Fran Sullivan-Fahs saw the crowd as a prime opportunity to let the public know what they thought of the company.

“Although they profess to be a Christian organization, Christ would not have singled out a single group of people like Chick-fil-a has said, ‘you are not right to be a part of this community. You can’t be married; you can’t have other rights that other people do have.’”

Sullivan-Fahs says certain Chick-fil-A locations have made contributions to openly anti-gay politicians. Chick-fil-A did respond to a request for comment.