FWC On The Prowl For Panther Photos

Feb 2, 2017

Wildlife managers are hoping the proliferation of cell phone cameras will translate to better protections for the endangered Florida panther.

Florida wildlife managers are urging hikers and landowners and anyone with a panther or panther track photo to submit it to the state for study.

Spokeswoman Carli Segelson says the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is urging anyone with photos of wild panthers or panther tracks to submit them along with the location of the sighting.

“So what we’re asking people to do is submit those pictures to our webpage, which is “Myfwc.com/panthersightings.”  And then our biologists will use this information to help with panther research and management.”

Most of the estimated 100 to 180 remaining panthers live in Southwest Florida. Segelson says a female panther was recently sighted north of the Caloosahatchee River, the first in the region since 1973.