Full Primary Ballot Drives Early Voting Turnout

Aug 22, 2016

Credit Theresa Thompson / https://www.personalincome.org/money/

Early voting is off to a smooth start, according to Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho. Since polls opened Saturday, more 3,700 people have cast their ballots.

While Sancho says he expects that number to grow, he doesn’t expect long lines. And he points out voters can check into that.

“If one goes to leonvotes.org and sees the early voting polls button and if you touch that it will tell you the dates the location and the wait times and right now looking at them all of them are five minutes or less,” Sancho says.

Sancho says this year’s primary ballot includes a number of important races.

“The Supervisor of Elections office is up there. Most of the constitutional officers are up there. A judge race, city commission race, a school board race. All of these races really are driving, I think a heavier than normal local turnout,” Sancho says.

Sancho says during an average primary 25-to-45 percent of voters tend to turn out. This year he’s expecting to top a 50 percent turnout.