FSU Reports More Violent Crime Than Other Fla. Public Universities

Oct 13, 2017

Credit MGN Online

Florida State University has reported more violent crime for the past year than other public state university in Florida. 

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, 20 violent crimes occurred at FSU in 2016. Half of those crimes were rapes, 6 were robberies, and 4 were aggravated assaults but FSU Police Chief David Perry says theft makes up the vast majority crimes that occur on campus.

“When student’s leave their backpacks unattended, when they leave their residence hall rooms unsecured, when they take their safety for granted, that creates crimes of opportunity. So for the most part, theft, burglaries and those type of larceny property crimes are the highest," said Perry.

Law enforcement agencies voluntarily report their crime data to the FBI. Perry says thefts and burglaries are the most prominent crimes occurring on most university campuses in the United States.