Fmr Fla Congressman involved in bus crash

Mar 12, 2012

A former Florida Congressman is facing a fine of about 260-dollars, after crashing into an Orlando bus over the weekend. As Sascha Cordner reports, the wreck left three people injured.

On his way to a campaign fundraising lunch, authorities say former U-S Representative Alan Grayson ran a red light in his Mercedes Benz, and crashed into a Lynx bus at around noon on Saturday.

Grayson and his passenger were unhurt in the incident, but three people on the bus were taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The bus and Grayson’s car suffered significant damage. 

Grayson said he was unsure what color the light was at the time of the crash, but Orlando Police say a witness later came forward to confirm that the light was red, and Grayson was charged with running a red light.

Grayson could also face a civil suit from the bus passengers who suffered minor injuries.

Grayson is running as the Democratic Congressional nominee for Florida’s 8th district, a post he held for one-term in 2008.