Fmr. Congressman Scolds Southerland But Rules Out Another Run For Office

Oct 15, 2013

Former District 2 Congressman Allen Boyd says he will not challenge incumbent Steve Southerland -- the man who unseated him in 2010 -- in 2014, even as polls show a close race between the congressman and possible Democratic challenger Gwen Graham. 

Boyd has kept a low profile since losing his seat to Southerland in 2010, but he joined union leaders and other Democrats in Tallahassee Tuesday to shame the Tea Party-backed Congressman for his role in the government shutdown.

“When you walk this closely up to the brink of default, which we’re obviously doing and I see a small gang of people that are basically responsible for that. I think it would be – I would be remiss if I didn’t come speak out,” Boyd explained.

Despite missives from state Democrats laying the blame for the shutdown solely at Southerland’s feet, Boyd says he isn’t putting the blame for the shutdown squarely on Southerland, but does think the two-term representative should shoulder his fair share of responsibility.