Florida's gas prices on a downward trend

May 1, 2012

Drivers are now paying less at the pump today than they did at the same time in 2011. Regan McCarthy reports the price decrease comes a month after Florida’s average gas prices were expected to hit the $4  mark.

AAA spokeswoman Jessica Brady says gas prices were expected rise throughout the spring, but a United Nations meeting with Iran, a major oil exporter that controls a major oil highway, changed the trend.

“The meeting that they had was constructive. They rescheduled another meeting. It eased a lot of that tension and concern about the Iranian threat and we immediately saw prices back off, and then what’s happened from there is the market cannot ignore the factors of supply and demand.”

Brady says demand is lagging in the U.S. and abroad, which is also helping to driving prices down. The average cost per gallon of gas in Florida $3.78,  about 10-cents less than what motorists were paying a year ago.

According to AAA:




Regular Unleaded Gasoline

                        Current              Week Ago         Month Ago        Year Ago

National:           $3.819              $3.863              $3.925              $3.909

Florida:             $3.803              $3.884              $3.933              $3.860

Georgia:           $3.687              $3.760              $3.844              $3.778

Tennessee:       $3.654             $3.723              $3.758              $3.715