Florida's election law a success in GOP primary

Jan 31, 2012

Florida’s Elections Chief is celebrating what he calls a near perfect day as voters cast their ballots in the state’s Republican Presidential Primary. Florida Public Radio’s Trimmel Gomes reports the Secretary of State says the quick returns were all thanks to a recent overhaul of the state’s elections law.

Florida is among several other states that recently passed laws that critics say amount to an orchestrated effort by Republicans to silence groups who often use their vote to elect Democrats. But Secretary of State Kurt Browning says primary results came in much more quickly than they ever have before.

“I think the new law that was passed and signed by the governor put the requirement or the onus on supervisors to report timely.”

All tabulated absentees and early votes had to be reported a half an hour after the polls closed and thereafter poll supervisors in all of Florida’s counties have to provide updated results every 45 minutes.