Florida Medical Experts Urge Caution With New Effort To Legalize 'Charlotte's Web'

Feb 7, 2014

Some are urging caution about a new effort to legalize Charlotte’s Web, a small strain of marijuana aimed at helping a rare form of epilepsy that children have called Dravet Syndrome. Jorge Viera is a biomedical engineering professor at Florida International University.

“Even though there could be a very positive effect with the type of cannabinoid, this is something that requires personalized medicine. So, it needs to be discussed for each individual, and on the basis of a medical doctor.” 

He says people should also be careful because researchers are still researching all the uses of the drug.

“People are still working to identify the mechanism…and it may be at least suitable for a type of low epilepsy,” he added.

Shalimar Republican Representative Matt Gaetz recently filed a bill legalizing the medical use of all forms of cannabis that contain a small amount of what’s known as THC, a psychoactive compound in pot that’s not supposed to get the user high.

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