Florida Congressmen Urge Colleagues To Stay In D.C.

Feb 28, 2013

Looming nationwide budget cuts, known as sequestration, will go in to effect tomorrow unless Congressional leaders and the President find a solution within the next few hours. Three freshmen U.S. lawmakers from Florida pressed their colleagues to find a solution this afternoon, saying “No Fix, No Break”.

Congress members Lois Frankel, Patrick Murphy, and Joe Garcia, all of whom represent South Florida, are calling for their fellow Representatives and Senators to stay in session in Washington until a fix to the federal sequestration dilemma can been found.  Congressman Patrick Murphy, a Democrat from Palm Beach, said it’s irresponsible for Congress to adjourned before dealing with the sequester.

“I believe its Congresses’ duty to stay in session and work on the issue, which it should have been doing for the past several weeks because this isn’t a surprise, we’ve all known about this,” Murphy said.

The lawmakers said if Congress doesn’t “get its act together” about 80,000 jobs will be lost here in Florida, including 42,000 defense jobs and putting about 32,000 small business jobs in jeopardy.