Florida Chamber Of Commerce Makes Jobs Top Priority For Session

Nov 17, 2015

The Florida Chamber of Commerce announced its legislative priorities for the 2016 session Tuesday. The group is putting economic expansion at the top of the list.

The Chamber’s goals cover healthcare, education and tax reform, all with a focus on expanding Florida’s job market. Chamber CEO and President Mark Wilson is hoping for a productive session, and not just for the chamber.

Florida Chamber of Commerce CEO and President Mark Wilson announces the group's priorities for the 2016 Legislative Session.
Credit Kate Payne

“Florida remains the most important state in the nation for the presidential election. If you believe in less government and free enterprise, whether you’re an independent, a democrat or a republican, it is to our elected leaders’ advantage to have a very successful legislative session,” he said.

The chamber’s agenda also includes phasing out the corporate income tax, outcome-based pay for healthcare providers and “science-based” water policy.