Fla. League of Women Voters says maps can still be challenged, despite fed approval

May 1, 2012

A Circuit Court Judge has ruled the congressional voting district map drawn by lawmakers this year will be the one used for the coming elections, despite questions raised about its constitutionality. And Regan McCarthy reports, the Federal Department of Justice has given Pre-clearance to all of the state’s new voting district maps.

The Florida League of Women Voters is one of the organizations challenging the constitutionality of the congressional map. League Vice President, Pamela Goodman, says the circuit court ruling means the map used during the November 2012 elections could be changed later if it’s found unconstitutional during a trial.  

“The clock is ticking for the voters of Florida and for the candidates and that trial absolutely could not happen in the short amount of time that we have before qualifying.”

And at the same time, the Federal Department of Justice has found the congressional map as well as the state House and Senate maps to follow the anti-discrimination laws in the Voting Rights Act.