Fl Insurance Commissioner calls for merge of PIP reform bills

Feb 8, 2012

Two bills aiming to end staged accidents and personal injury protection abuse are moving through both chambers of the Florida Legislature. As Sascha Cordner reports, the state’s insurance commissioner says he likes different parts of the House and Senate PIP proposals, and envisions a marriage of both.

Florida’s Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty says there are elements of both House Bill 119 and Senate Bill 1860 that will bring comprehensive personal injury protection, or PIP reform.

“The House Bill more directly limits provider networks that would be compensated under the PIP law which will probably engender more savings. The Senate approach, there are certainly things in there that would improve methods of investigating fraud and targets some of the litigation costs and utilization.”

McCarty says he believes it’s the mission of the Governor and CFO Jeff Atwater to make sure the Legislature passes PIP legislation. He says if personal injury protection does not get fixed, the coverage plan, that all Florida drivers must carry, might get nixed.