FL DOT Warns Against Too Much Holiday Cheer on the Roads

Tallahassee, FL – Its national Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month and law enforcement officers throughout the state have been actively cracking down on impaired drivers. It's n important month, says Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Stephanie Kopelousos , because most drunk and drugged accidents happen during the holiday season.

Every 7 hours someone in Fl. Dies from a drunk driver 1300 people died last year 17,000 were injured even with these stats, people will get behind the wheel impaired driving isn't an accident nor is it a victimless crime '

To bring the message home, South Florida resident Anna Redgrave recounts her experience with a drunk driver, and how it changed her life.

I could see the light was still red b/c of the red glow on my hands I heard a bang the car at the light was coming towards me Grace was by the car my son was pinned between the bridge and the stroller my right hand was inside my child my world fell around me'

Florida DOT and law enforcement are encouraging all Floridians to be safe this holiday season. For WFSU-FM, I'm Lynn Hatter.