Filling The High-Tech Void: Tallahassee Training Initiative Gets Under Way

May 26, 2017

A handful of high-tech managers trekked to City Hall to hear Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum pitch I/O Avenue, a training program backed by a grant from the former Obama Administration.

Former President Barack Obama championed a high-tech training initiative that wen to only two cities in Florida, Miami and Tallahassee.
Credit Mase TV

Preston Yutzey’s unusual job title, “client/talent acquisition manager,” isn’t so surprising to anyone following the IT sector. But what is surprising is that Yutzey’s company, Wired People Incorporated, can’t fill jobs with six-figure salaries.

Even in a college town.

“The issue, primarily, is there’s a lack of IT tech talent right now. It is very surprising. We’re working with the university partners as well to develop a curriculum that’s more suited to business needs here in the Tallahassee area.”

Research shows it was taking an average of eight months for employers to fill tech openings in the Big Bend area. Gillum says students don’t have to be college material to earn good money. 

“We don’t want people’s complaint about this community to be, that no sense in going there, because you’ll never find the talent that you need to fill the jobs that you’re advertising.”

Florida A&M University will also play an active role in the program.