Fight over PIP reform resurfaces in 2012

Tallahassee, FL – Personal injury protection insurance fraud was a hot topic at the Florida Capitol today Wednesday. Tom Flanigan reports that House and Senate bills addressing the problem remain in a state of flux.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Detective Ronnie Cooper goes undercover to investigate staged car wrecks. He says the drivers' faked injuries are treated in bogus clinics made possible by unscrupulous doctors. That's because present state law lets doctors open up clinics exempt from state regulation.

"What the doctors do is sell that exemption to these organizations for a certain amount of money per month and they don't have to do anything. They don't regulate the clinic. Their names aren't even on the bank accounts."

And Cooper says it's criminal organizations that run the clinics and collect the insurance money. But Kim Driggers with the Florida Chiropractic Association told lawmakers present law is tough enough.

"I think the providers want to treat their patients. I think on the books there are already efforts there's the ability for the insurance companies to get to the doctors through documentation."

No votes were taken on either House or Senate measure. The bills are likely to see more changes before going back to committee.