Feeding the Community and Remembering a Musical Friend

Nov 13, 2017

After an absence of several years, Tallahassee's "Feed the Community" music festival returned to Lake Ella on Sunday, November 12. It was both a charitable exercise and a tribute to a fallen friend.

There was non-stop music from the Lake Ella stage throughout the Feed the Community Festival.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The stage lineup read like a "who's who" of Tallahassee's top musical talent. Meanwhile, Second Harvest of the Big Bend's Director of Development Mary Dekle said the food and cash contributions are now needed in the Capital City area more than ever.

"Gadsden County is number one, Madison is number two and Leon County is number three as far as the rankings of the hungriest counties in our state," she exclaimed. "Which is just awful! But we need to all pitch in together to make a turnaround."

This revival of the yearly Feed the Community effort was named in honor of well-known Tallahassee musician Scott Campbell who died in February of this year and was a regular contributor to the original festivals' performances.