Federal Judge Satisfied With Efforts Voter Registration Verification

Oct 28, 2016

Credit US Courts website

After a hearing Friday, a Federal Judge says he’s satisfied Florida officials are taking the steps needed to verify thousands of last minute voter registration applications.

During the hearing, Florida elections officials told Judge Mark Walker most of the roughly 25,000 applications that had not yet been verified had been sent back to local elections offices, because they weren’t complete. Leon County’s share of that is relatively small. Assistant Supervisor of Elections Chris Moore says Leon has only about a handful of unverified voters.

“What can also happen is that if someone wants to come and vote in Leon County is that if someone wants to come and vote in Leon County they may have attempted to register in another Florida county and they want to move into Leon County and if they’re unverified in their home county, we would attempt to move them into Leon County and verify them so they can vote here,” Moore says.

Moore says that’s something that can be common in counties like Leon that have large college student populations.