FEA Makes Supreme, Final Effort To Block Vouchers

Sep 14, 2016

The Florida Education Association is making a last-ditch attempt to revive its legal battle against school vouchers.

Scores of advocates for the voucher-like corporate tax scholarship program swarmed the Capitol earlier this year.

FEA President Joanne McCall says the teacher’s union is asking the Florida Supreme Court to reverse two lower court rulings denying it standing to challenge so-called corporate tax scholarships.

“If we really believe that kids are not getting the access that they need, then it’s the Florida Legislature’s responsibility, along with the rest of us, to make sure that every public school is a high-quality public school.”

The program offers tax incentives to corporations that donate to scholarship organizations.

Bishop Victor Curry, chairman of the Save Our Scholarships Coalition, issued a statement echoing the criticism of many program supporters. 

"We are very disappointed that the union will continue its effort to evict more than 90,000 poor, mostly minority children from schools that are working for them. These children were the worst performers at the public schools they left, and now they are thriving. The union's decision is wrong for the children, and wrong for our public schools.”