Fatal car crash at Tennessee and Monroe claims three lives

Mar 20, 2012

A weekend traffic crash has left three people dead. As Sascha Cordner reports, the wreck happened at the intersection of West Tennessee Street and North Monroe Street.

Tallahassee Police are investigating a four-vehicle crash that happened late Saturday night and has so far resulted in the death of three people and left two people seriously injured.

The deadly crash was for the most part between two cars, which both happen to be Jeep Cherokees.

TPD Spokesman Dave Northway says it appears a blue Cherokee, driven by 21-year-old Christoph Generoso, collided into a black Grand Cherokee.

“If you can imagine the entire intersection of Tennessee and Monroe Street, approximately 100 feet on all four corners of the street, strewn with debris from the crash. Investigators are trying to work through that to piece it back together.”

Both Cherokees were traveling northbound on Monroe Street, with Generoso driving behind. The black Grand Cherokee stopped for a red light, waiting to make a turn onto Tennessee Street. But, Northway says he believes Generoso kept going, rear-ending the black Cherokee:

“There were three people in one vehicle, which is the Grand Cherokee, that was hit, and three of the four people have passed away at this time.”

Two people died at the scene: 32-year-old Shakeila Vickers and 9-year-old Vincent Vickers. They were both passengers in the black Grand Cherokee. 10-year-old Tyler Biggins, also a passenger in the black vehicle, was taken to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, where he later died Sunday afternoon.

Generoso is the driver of the blue jeep, who rear-ended the black Cherokee.  He had non-life threatening injuries. But, his passenger was taken to the hospital.

Generoso’s jeep also struck two other vehicles.

Northway says the other two drivers appear to be fine, and have not reported any injuries. But, their cars took some damage during the collision.

“The red Lexus was also northbound on Monroe Street, and at some point, contact was made with that vehicle, and it was very minor in nature. And, the silver Volkswagen was actually east bound on Tennessee Street approaching that red light right there, where the Jeep Cherokee, the blue vehicle, driven by Mr. Generoso, that’s where the vehicle ended up resting, and at some point, he struck the silver Volkswagen as he came to a rest.”

A spokeswoman for Tallahassee Memorial Hospital says 39-year-old Vince Vickers, the only survivor from the black Grand Cherokee, is in fair condition. He arrived at the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The passenger of the blue Cherokee, who was also seriously injured, Devin Pittman, is in fair condition at this time as well.