Farm Share and The Jefferson County School Board Partner To Host Free Food Distribution Event

Jul 23, 2015

Farm-fresh foods and vegetables will be delivered to Monticello, Florida on July 25th.
Credit Pawel Pacholec via Flikr / WFSU News

This Saturday in Monticello Florida families in need can get free fresh food. Quincy’s Farm Share office is donating the food and reducing waste.

Farm Share works with farmers throughout Florida to get healthier foods to kids, the elderly, veterans and the disabled. Now, it is partnering with the Jefferson County School board. Kristen King Jaiven, a Farm Share spokeswoman, said this weekend the Quincy office is giving away 25-to-35 pounds of seasonal fresh foods per family. The food would otherwise have been sent to a landfill.

“About 40 percent of every crop that’s grown in the United States doesn’t meet grocery store standards cause it’s too large or too small or has an aesthetic blemish,” Jaiven said. “Nothing to do with the safety or the quality or the taste of the food, it just doesn’t look like the grocery stores want it to look.”

More information about this weekend’s free food distribution is available on