FAMU Moves to Mitigate Mold at Student Housing Complex

Aug 25, 2017

Dozens of Florida A&M University students who found mold in their campus housing earlier this week are now moving into healthy, freshly-cleaned units. The school’s president took reporters on a tour of the apartments on Friday, Aug. 25.

Crews work to clean and freshen the long-vacant Palmetto North student housing complex after incoming freshmen discovered mold in their rooms.
Credit Tom Flanigan

FAMU President Larry Robinson said the school’s Palmetto North student housing complex had actually been vacant for the past few years.

“This facility was completely shut down and wasn’t being maintained because it wasn’t part of the housing plan for this year,” he explained.

But a sudden surge of freshman enrollment made the units part of the plan. And when some of the students showed up earlier this week to move in, they found the apartments full of mold. Robinson said those students have been living in local hotels at the school’s expense.

“It did cost us something, but I think it was well worth the expense to make sure these kids and their families are accommodated to a circumstance they didn’t create themselves.”

Robinson predicted all of the nearly 200 units in the complex would be ready for occupancy by midday Saturday.