FAMU Accreditation Probation Extended

Tallahassee, FL – The university had until November 30 to provide evidence to SACS that it had corrected its financial affairs. The university submitted the state's preliminary audit on the 30th, but the final audit wasn't released until December 7 which meant that FAMU missed the deadline-by seven days. University president, Dr. James Ammons.

I couldn't stand before you today if I wasn't able to say we tried '

So, the university will have to wait another six months. FAMU officials can breathe a little easier in the meantime. The university remains accredited. All degree programs are still intact, and financial aid will continue to students.

However, that doesn't mean that all is perfect yet. Although it did receive its first good audit in three years - there are still some areas that the school needs to address. But Ammons says that there is little doubt that in looking at FAMU's financial situation from June to now- the university has come a long way. For WFSU-FM, I'm Lynn Hatter.