Elections Chief: Online Voting Deadline Risky

Apr 16, 2015

The Senate Appropriations Committee turned up the heat Thursday on Governor Rick Scott’s top elections chief to implement an online voter registration system by 2017. As Jim Ash reports, Secretary of State Ken Detzner warned it would cause a quote, “train wreck.”

Secretary of State Ken Detzner is under fire for opposing online voter registration by 2017.
Credit Florida Secretary of State

Detzner said his office was already in the middle of a major computer overhaul and adding the new system risked a breakdown in next year’s presidential election.  Democratic Senator Jeff Clemens of Lake Worth, the bill’s sponsor, wasn’t buying it.

“But I would just let the rest of the committee know that in the rest of many states, they have implemented this type of online voting registration application in four months. I’m giving him two and a half years here.”

Twenty other states have online registration systems and four are in the middle bringing it online. The bill heads next to the Senate floor.