Early Voting Starts Saturday In Leon County

Aug 15, 2014

Credit Tom Hagerty

Early voting for the primary kicks off Saturday in Leon County. And while Florida has what are called "closed primaries," that doesn’t mean a person has to be a Democrat or Republican to have a say in some races. Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho says some local races, like school board will be decided during the primary election.

“It won’t be going to November. So if you don’t vote in the primary, you missed a critical decision on education policy. Likewise if you don’t vote in the city commission, you missed out because that will be determined by August 26th," Sancho says

And Sancho says a person’s party affiliation won’t impact their ability to vote in those races, adding that Independents and people who are registered as  No Party Affiliation can vote in those races too. Leon County is holding early voting in seven locations around the county. For more information Sancho recommends checking the election guild his office mailed to all voters or giving the election office a call.