Early Voting Ballots Stolen From Santa Rosa County

Jun 11, 2013

Voters in Florida House District 2 are deciding who will replace the late Representative Clay Ford, who died in March. But, some early ballots were stolen a day before the special election.

Employees of the Santa Rosa County Elections Supervisor’s Office locked up thirty five early ballots Friday night. When they returned Monday, the two five hundred pound safes containing them were missing. But, Santa Rosa Elections Supervisor, Tappie Villane, said her office is making sure those votes aren’t lost.

“We are focused on making sure that every vote counts. Every person has, obviously, another opportunity to cast a ballot for this election,” Villane vowed.

Villane’s office has made contact with 31 of the 35 people whose ballots were stolen and is working on getting those people to recast their votes. Villane says they’ll make contact with the remaining four before the end of the election. Republican Mike Hill and Democrat Jeremy Lau are vying for House District 2’s vacant seat.