Duo Paddle Boards From Bimini to Miami

Jun 11, 2012

Two South Florida natives recently made a trip from the Caribbean island of Bimini to Miami. But, they didn’t go by boat; they completed the 50-mile trip standing on paddle boards. The duo used their arduous journey to bring awareness to the problem of plastic trash in our oceans.

Bill Whiddon and Thad Foote decided two years ago that they would make the paddle board journey and began training. But, the two wanted the trip to have a greater purpose. They decided that they’d use their journey to bring awareness to plastic pollution in our oceans, prompting them to partner with the Surfrider Foundation’s “Rise Above Plastics” campaign. Surfrider Board Member Mike Gibaldi says plastic pollution is a huge problem.

 “So, Surfrider’s campaign is about reducing it," he says. "It’s kind of a crazy, senseless way that we all live in this highly disposable, single-use plastic society, it’s really ridiculous.”

Gibaldi says the foundation’s end goal is to completely eliminate the use of single-use plastic containers, including bags and bottles.

For more information on how you can help; you can visit the Surfrider Foundation’s website.