Due To Irma's High Winds, Tallahassee Electric Crews Standing Down For Now

Sep 11, 2017

Credit MGN Online

At least 11,000 city of Tallahassee electric customers are without power. But, as of 5 a.m., electric crews have been pulled off the road due to Irma conditions.

While thousands remain without power, electric crews worked overnight to restore power back to more than 11,000 residents. But, Rob McGarrah, the General Manager of the City of Tallahassee’s Electric Utility, says that’s been put on hold, at least for now.

“I wanted to let you know that the weather’s gotten bad enough out there right now that we’ve had to pull our crews off the street for their safely. They’ll be riding the storm out, and as soon the winds get down low enough for us to work safely, we’ll be back out working to get power on to all of our customers.”

Meanwhile, since around 6 a.m., more than 5.7 million people are without power statewide.

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