Discord At Libertarian National Convention

Jun 3, 2016

Credit Libertarian Party Convention

Libertarians gathered Memorial weekend to pick a candidate that could appease unhappy major party voters, but some left Orlando just as dissatisfied.

At the convention, Libertarian candidate Austin Petersen criticized Presidential nominee Gary Johnson’s VP choice. Petersen said Bill Weld has made some controversial endorsements.

“In 2012, he didn’t endorse Ron Paul, he didn’t endorse you, he endorsed Mitt Romney. In 2016, he endorsed John Kasich. Why didn’t your VP pick endorse you?" said Petersen.

Johnson responded by calling Weld the original Libertarian, which was met with boos from the crowd. Johnson and Weld ultimately became the party ticket, even with opposition fearful of their Republican lean. But Libertarian Party Political Director Carla Howell says come November, most Libertarians will get behind the ticket.