Detzner Catches Some Confirmation Flack

Mar 23, 2015

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner sailed through the beginning of his Senate confirmation hearings Monday, but not before navigating a few crosswinds. As Jim Ash reports, Governor Rick Scott’s choice for the state’s top elections officer was never really in jeopardy.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner likely to get Senate confirmation
Credit Florida Secretary of State

Scott first appointed Detzner in 2012 to the job, which also includes the state’s cultural affairs officer and head librarian. But the elections job garnered the most attention when Detzner appeared before the Senate Government and Oversight Accountability Committee.

Here’s Clearwater Republican Jack Latvala demanded to know why Palm Beach County still hasn’t posted all of its returns from November.

“One county in the whole state of Florida? Senator, I am preparing correspondence as we speak to that county to….Well, I think we need more than correspondence.”

The committee voted unanimously to confirm.