Despite Progress, Leon School District Prepares For 'B' Grade

Jul 8, 2016

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School Districts across the state are bracing for letter grade drops now that the Florida Department of Education has released school grades.

The Leon County School district has been an A-rated district for several years. And in that time it’s had a handful of F-graded schools. This year, though, there are no "F" schools in the district. But Leon could end up with an overall “B” grade, says Superintendent Jackie Pons.

“These are preliminary scores that come out. We get a chance to go through the data and DOE gives you 30 days to appeal. Right now there are only three “A” districts in the state and we’re very close. Only four points away," Pons said.

Fourteen of Leon’s 17 low-income schools made progress, including Bond Elementary and Oakridge, which got off the state’s “F” list.