Days are Numbered for Old Tallahassee Shopping Center

Jul 21, 2017

With a mini-Target store planned to replace what’s there now, the exodus of tenants continues from Tallahassee’s Varsity Shopping Center on West Tennessee Street.

Tenants are steadily migrating out of the old Varsity Shopping Center.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Earlier this week, the owners of the Coliseum night club announced a relocation to the former Baja Beach Club site in the University Village shopping center on West Pensacola Street. Now Florida State University’s Department of Anthropology is moving out as well. Its new home will be at Innovation Park’s Johnson Building with the move scheduled for the end of this month. Ron Miller, executive director of the Leon County Research and Development Authority that operates Innovation Park, says the Department will occupy an 11,000 square foot space that will accommodate more faculty and the presentation of research seminars…something that just wasn’t possible at the old shopping center location.