Customer Service, Technology Top Concerns For Tax Collector Candidates

Jul 25, 2016

Credit Sascha Cordner WFSU News

More technology is on the minds of two candidates running for tax collector in Leon County. John Paul Bailey is running as a Republican. He says that’s how an increasing number of citizens prefer to conduct business.

“We can have apps where people can pay by apps. That’s going to be the thing—younger people specifically and I think it’s going to be more convenient to people and also more customer service,” Bailey says.

Incumbent Doris Maloy, a Democrat, says an app is already in the works. But she highlights the importance of maintaining high quality service at brick and mortar locations as well. She says that's where citizens can count on great customer service.

The slogan of the office is breezy, quick and easy. And that’s because we want every transaction that a customer experiences to be just that. We want it to be breezy meaning it’s not complicated and we want it to be so the customer feels like it’s easy and it’s accurate,” Maloy says.

Meanwhile  Bailey says he thinks there’s room for improvement. He says one idea might be contracting with private companies to take on some responsibilities, which he says could save money as well as wait times in line.