CRA Approves Sale Of Bloxham Building, Firestone Jail For $4.3 Million

Mar 23, 2017

Tallahassee's Community Redevelopment Agency has approved the sale of the Bloxham Building and old jail near Cascades Park.  The move is part of a redevelopment effort in the area, and could become the new home of a mixed use development project.


The sale is for nearly $4.3 million. In place of the Bloxham building and jail, would rise a boutique hotel, townhomes and apartments, office space and possible restaurants. That’s according to North American Properties, the only developer to submit a bid for the property. Those plans aren’t final. The city hopes once development takes place, the properties would be worth more than $150 million, which could generate $1.3 million in taxes in the first year.

Some of the planned space would be used as a green room for the Cascades Park amphitheater, and the city would sell up to 145 parking spaces to the developer.

Last month, a proposed development near the Meyers Park side of Cascades was halted after residents expressed concerns. The City says about half of its land is off the tax rolls due to ownership by the universities and state of Florida, so it’s looking to develop spaces that it can tax and collect revenues.