County Commissioners Call On Universities To Promote Sales Tax Extension

Feb 11, 2014

The Blueprint 2000 tax adds one extra cent to every dollar of taxable sales in Leon County to fund infrastructure projects.  The current tax will expire in 2019, but the County Commission hopes to extend it, and is developing a slate of projects to pursue if that happens.   County Commissioner Bill Proctor says many of the projects benefit FSU and FAMU, so the schools should participate in community outreach.

“In terms of promoting the campaign, the universities have radio stations, television stations – they have media that can be helpful in promoting this,” Proctor said.

Among the projects slated for funding are FAMU’s Gateway Project and The Madison Mile Convention District near the FSU campus.  County Commissioner Nick Maddox says the schools could help sway public opinion toward keeping the tax, and they’d benefit too.

“As long as the word is out,” Maddox said, “whether its PSAs or what have you, as long as the word gets out that this is a good list of projects that should be passed, that will secure the future of infrastructure for Leon county, I think we’re all in.”

The County Commission plans to finalize its list of projects in the coming months; extension of the Blueprint 2000 sales tax may be presented to voters as soon as this fall.