Cold Wind Precedes Inaugural

Jan 5, 2015

As a blanket of cold air moved in Monday, Tallahassee prepared for the pomp of another inaugural ceremony.

The swearing in of 62-year-old Gov. Rick Scott will make him only the second Republican to serve two terms since 1968.

Scott is expected to touch on familiar themes in his inaugural address, including increasing school funding, cutting taxes and expanding the job market.

Scott’s office released snippets of his remarks earlier in the day. He will taunt rival New York state, which recently surrendered its status as the nation’s third largest to Florida.

Scott is expected to claim that New York lost $71 billion dollars in adjusted gross income between 1992 and 2011, and suggest that was due to residents fleeing high taxes.

Scott will also say Illinois suffered the same fate, to the tune of $31 billion dollars.