City Puts Hermine Lessons Learned To Use After Weekend Storms

Jan 23, 2017

Hurricane Hermine knocked down many trees and caused significant damage. The strong winds over the weekend gave the city a chance to practice what it has learned since then.
Credit Regan McCarthy WFSU News

Heavy winds this weekend put Tallahassee’s new storm response plan to the test just weeks after city commissioners heard a final report on Hurricane Hermine.

When a storm Sunday caused wide-spread electricity loss in Tallahassee, city officials began an immediate response. That included efforts to communicate with citizens via social media and text messages to utility customers. But the city took down a map showing outages. Deputy City Manager Reese Goad says that stems from a lesson learned after Hermine.

“Basically the outage map consists of a series of red dots and basically the whole map was red because the entire city was out. It became overwhelmed pretty quickly. We learned of its deficiency fast,” Goad says.

During his presentation at the city commission retreat Goad said his team hopes to find methods to improve the map in the future.