City Commission Candidate Jeremy Matlow Responds To Being Labeled 'Bernie Bro' By Leon GOP

Jul 26, 2018

This screenshot from the Leon County Republican Party Facebook page shows a post linking City Commission candidate Jeremy Matlow to Bernie Sanders.
Credit Leon County Republican Party Facebook

The Leon County Republican Party is going after City Commission Candidate  Jeremy Matlow, linking him to Bernie Sanders and what they call a “socialist message.” In a release headlined "Say No to the Bernie Bro," the group says Matlow uses “some of the same code words” Sanders uses when campaigning.

Matlow, though, says his message is straightforward.

“I think some of the language we’ve been using —  we are saying the way money affects our politics isn’t okay,” Matlow said. “We’re talking about, we need to get more people to show up, more people to vote, more people involved in government to bring them into the process. We’re talking about poverty – saying people shouldn’t be too poor to live. I think those are very direct things to say.

The county Republican party is also ripping Matlow for having donated to Sanders’ presidential campaign. Matlow says he did contribute during the last presidential election as a private citizen, prior to running for a City office.

“It almost seems like they’re pitching this conspiracy theory. When, you know, that’s not the case,” Matlow said. “We’re just talking very plainly about a City government that should work for everyday people. We don’t want Donald Trump running City Hall, we want people showing up and really just getting involved with the process.”

Read the full release from the Leon GOP here.